What to enjoy working at NSRP?


Work-seeking people from many walks of life can find a dazzling array of job opportunities and enjoy remarkable job benefits at NSRP.
Career development opportunities
NSRP is currently the biggest and most ambitious project in Vietnam. Coming with being an NSRP employee is a huge development potential for one's career ladder in the future.
We build an organization that enables personnel to play a role that is contributive to society. By joining NSRP, one can contribute to the growth of Vietnam, holding the pride of working for a world-class company that helps shaping the future of our planet. 
Employee-focused policies
The employee-focused policies of the company also bring other intangible significant benefits to people working here. From NSRP's perspective, our employees are our No.1 asset. We are committed to providing a challenging, enjoyable and rewarding work environment, which fosters creative thinking, teamwork, open communication, respect and opportunity for individual professional growth and development. We have a Human Resources System for personnel to treat them fairly, motivate them achieving goals and to enhance their competencies.
Multinational workplace environment
NSRP is an open and multinational organization thus provides employees opportunities to work with experts from different cultures and living styles in an international working environment. We come from various countries but we speak the same language: the language of discipline, common respect and human orientation.