Health, Safety, Security and Environment

In order to fulfill corporate social responsibility and to achieve continued pursuit of profits, NSRP is committed to provide a safe, secure and healthy work environment, to protect the environment.

We developed a Principle for Health, Safety, Security, Evironment (HSSE) and Social which ensures what each division of NSRP should do with high standards for health care, safety performance, security and environmental protection. That also includes promoting awareness of HSSE working practices for all employees, contractors, visitors and members of the public who come in contact with our business in relation to HSSE. 
We promote a sound organization culture in which HSSE commitments are shared by all organization participants, from top management to employee and contractors’ worker, at every level of an organization. 
Our sound HSSE and Social culture is characterized by:
Openness and willingness to take responsibility: Non-conformities and areas of improvement are identified, reported and acted upon; personnel on all organizational levels are actively looking for risk-reducing and preventive measures and are committed to the implementation of the measures.
Questioning attitude: Personal is encouraged to ask critical questions and to continuously look for improved and safer ways of carrying out activities.
Safety is prioritized: Sufficient time is allocated for Job Hazard Analysis, HSSE meetings and operational planning etc. is not sacrificed in order to meet production targets.
Ability to learn by mistakes: Situations of hazard and accidents are sufficiently investigated and the organization is able to implement preventive measures efficiently and effectively.
Respect for the technology: Assumptions and conditions from quantitative risk analysis are carried forward in ordinal operations, maintenance is prioritized, training in the use of new equipment and systems is prioritized etc.
Mutual respect and trust: Employees are contributing to the development of management systems, working environment committees are actively involved in the HSSE work, sufficient time is allocated for the safety delegates to carry out their responsibilities, employees are committed to the implementation of HSSE measures, supervisors are willing to listen to questions and new ideas etc. 
Regarding NSRP management level, the safety and stable operation is the most important and basic requirement in the management of NSRP refinery. Especially strong Leadership both in management and operation on site is the most important factor to ensure them from the process safety aspects. NSRP shall implement and promote “Process Safety Management”. Every manager in all levels shall strive to demonstrate effective leadership standing on this policy. Managers also take the first responsibility to manage risk, eliminate all risks related to HSSE and Social incidents which may prevent the safety and stable operation. Hazards are identified, evaluated, controlled and monitored in terms of HSSE and Social over viewing entire operations.
At lower levels, NSRP employees are well trained for HSSE procedures through courses and during their daily tasks. NSRP shall develop and implement annual safety training plan and HSSE awareness program for NSRP employees and contractors’ workers to ensure provisions of HSSE Principle are implemented efficiently and effectively in order to recognize each employee’s and worker’s responsibility in accordance with all relevant laws, Performance Standards, Guidelines and the Equator Principles.
Particularly for security personnel, NSRP specially develops a training program based on IFC Performance Standards which require ensuring that there are no negative impacts to relevant local communities in the course of exercising security functions. The key elements of security training include security personnel, the security management plan and the control of site security personnel.
Besides our managers and employees, for the best carrying out of HSSE commitment, NSRP requires all stakeholders include NSRP contractors, suppliers, customers, relevant authorities relevant local communities, lenders, insurers, media as well as sponsors to engage with HSSE guides. 
For the crucial role of HSSE concerns, all of our energy resources, products and services consistent are developed with HSSE aims. The whole company is directed to do its business and operation activities in line with HSSE Principle. Main activities are supported and assured by follow-up activities include system audits, management reviews, self-assessments. The follow-up identifies technical, operational or organizational weakness, failures and deficiencies.
A regular schedule of internal and external audits is established. Internal audits are conducted every six months or when requested by senior management. External audits are conducted by independent third party (qualified experts) to assess implementation of HSSE in NSRP.