Social Responsibility

From NSRP’s point of view, working responsibly means seeking to leave positive impacts in the area and social environment where we operate businesses. We desire to benefit nearby communities with our presence, improve their livelihoods and achieve sustainable development. 

Generally speaking, NSRP makes commitment to contribute to the society in which we operate, respect and engage effectively with neighbor and local communities. We take a leadership role in the communities by providing company support and encouraging employee involvement. We adopt an open and consultative attitude in our relationship and encourage a reciprocal response.

To be concrete, NSRP robustly boosts the socio-economic developments of the south Thanh Hoa and north Nghe An region and creates jobs for dozens of thousands of people during the construction phase, and more than one thousand of people during the operational phase.

Social awareness and responsibility are also an important part of the Principle for Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social which guides the whole company towards social orientation and ensures that every single company's activity is close from the aim of serving society; and the spirit is shared widely among all NSRP people.