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-Directly reporting to the Senior PR Leader, the PR Officer, acts as the Digital Media Officer and Graphic Designer, is responsible for supporting the implementation of the PR/ Communications strategy and activities of the PR team under the Administration, Social & Community and Public Relations Department (ADSCPR). The PR Officer shall use the creativity and professional design skills to develop creative concepts as well as produce images, video and other content with required enhancement effects and techniques. Such content is for a variety of mediums including newsletter, website, social media, corporate video/film, and other advertising forms to enhance positive image of the Company among relevant stakeholders including Sponsors, authorities at all levels, business partners, the media, and the public. The PR Officer will be responsible for graphics production including motion graphics, infographics, and other graphics. Duties may include photography related activities. The PR Officer will work in close collaboration with other teams of the ADSCPR department and relevant departments of the Company, i.e HR Department, HSSE Division, etc. to cascade and promote corporate events and communications projects for increased visibility and branding value of NSRP companywide. The PR Officer will also support the Senior PR Leader to work with relevant media outlets, agencies, and suppliers to ensure successful and consistent implementation of PR/ Communication campaigns as well as coordination with related parties to conduct joint events of the Company.

Summary of key roles & responsibilities:
1. Develop innovative concepts, design, and produce high-end visual and textual content for corporate communications and promotional materials, focusing on the achievement of the following results:
• Create visual text and imagery concepts with the help of graphic software.
• Develop the production design and overall layout for corporate communication materials such as advertorials, posters, banners, company brochure, product portfolio and more.
• Design graphics to meet specific promotional and commercial needs like logos, packaging, displays, or imagery for digital and printable products.
• Decide how images and text work to fit a specific layout and size.
• Collaborate with the content creator/ copywriter for text design and creation.
• Create infographics that make complex ideas more accessible.
• Test graphics across various media including Intranet (Portal), Website, Social Media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

2. Assist in the elaboration and execution of communications strategy of the department and the Company, focusing on the achievement of the following results:
• Assist the Manager and Leader in the development and effective implementation of the Company’s PR/ Communications strategy and action plan.
• Support in the production and publicity of corporate communication materials and publications, in close collaboration with the content creator/ copywriter.
• Oversee daily operations of the corporate website, LinkedIn page and Intranet (Portal) and manage the Company’s presence on the Social Media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube (if any).
• Increase awareness of NSRP’s visibility, credibility, and reputation both nationally and internationally through assistance in the dissemination of information and messaging on internal and external communication platforms by working closely with select media outlets and agencies.

3. Perform on-site tasks including videography and photography services and guest reception, focusing on achievement of the following results:
• Support conducting videography and photography related tasks at site by:
 coordinating with internal team members and relevant departments to prepare and complete required internal documents and permits prior to the execution day.
 supervising the contractor in video recording and photo shooting activities in the Refinery, ensuring their execution to comply with internal safety rules of the Company and follow work orders.
• Act as the focal point of the department in guest reception activities by:
 communicating with guests/ delegations and involved parties such as the Secretary team, the Administration team or HSSE/Security team regarding guest list, Management’s instruction and requirements, guest registration, patrol car, site tour bus, refreshment, flower, gifts, etc. to ensure effective and efficient logistic support prior to the visit.
 designing the welcome banner, poster and LED board and have it installed prior to the guest visit  ensuring the aforesaid preparation works to be comply with the Company’s guest reception protocols and procedures.
 aligning with other members of PR team to arrange videography and photography services for the visit if required.

4. Perform other functions as assigned by the Manager and Leader


Educational Level : University Graduated
Work Experience : Min 05-year experience in Graphic Design, Media, Journalism, Communications or related field
Specialty/Qualification : A bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, Media, Journalism, Communications or related field (Master’s degree and/or experience working for an O&G/ Energy corporation is a plus)
Skills :
 Excellent in design and publishing software (InDesign/Photoshop)
 Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal skills in both Vietnamese and English
 Proficient in social media platform management
 Excellent time-management, organizational skills, and multitasking ability
 Experienced with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
 Ability to work independently or with a team to meet deadlines
 Proficient in Microsoft Office


High limit of medical and personal accident insurance for the employee and children
Personal Income Tax 50% deduction
Accommodation & Transportation to work will be provided by the Company
Free meal at site canteen (lunch)

Vacancies Jobs
Positions Date Number Location
QC – Mechanical & Rotating Engineer – Warehouse Section 23/11/2023 01 Thanh Hoa
Process Safety Learning Leader – Technical Division 23/11/2023 01 Thanh Hoa
Accounting Officer (FS) 13/09/2023 Hanoi
Senior Mechanical Design Engineer 18/07/2023 Thanh Hoa
Operational Field Risk Advisor 18/07/2023 Thanh Hoa
Rotating Equipment Engineer – Condition Monitoring 22/06/2023 Thanh Hoa
Rotating Equipment Engineer 22/06/2023 Thanh Hoa
DCS Leader 22/06/2023 Thanh Hoa
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