core values

NSRP people hold the pride coming from our abilities to conduct and widely share the values that shape how we behave:


We establish and maintain a leading position in our core business.


We head to achieve world-class performance in all activities include operating and financial performance which is consistently superior to that of our competitors and also performance in terms of Health, Safety, Security and Environment protection.


We put priority on Health, Safety, Security, Environmental, Social and Quality.


We practice the concept of respect for human being and conduct business in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

Social responsibility

We serve and care for society and communities especially those are located in the vicinity of our intended project.


We embrace workforce diversification, cross-nation cultures, respect people regardless their regions.


As our mission, NSRP endeavors to play a beneficial role in society by creating an environment where people trust each other and work together to realize through business the tremendous potential of human beings.
Under such idea, we continuously deliver remarkable values with several approaches:

  • Being a manufacturer or supplier, we build society prosperity by serving and satisfying our corporate customers with a wide range of oil and chemical products and services.
  • We constantly achieve operational excellence.
  • Not to be driven away from common development sustainability, we conduct our business in a safe, environmental friendly, sustainable and economical optimum manner.
  • Regarding personnel, NSRP embraces a diverse, no-border innovative and results-oriented team motivated to deliver excellence.

As our vision, we are to be the Top Performing and Most Admired Refinery and Petrochemical Complex in Asia. NSRP heads to be recognized as a world-class competitor in the global energy market.
We practice the concept of respect for human being in the conduct of our business. We seek to meet the high expectations of society and therefore, to earn its trust. As the highest concern, we aim to contribute to the sustainable growth of Vietnam.

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