Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PetroVietnam) is a state-owned company who has the vision to be the leading Petroleum Group in the region – the Vietnamese pride. PetroVietnam is a world-wide known economic group operating in following business fields:

Petroleum research, exploration, production, transportation, processing, storage and distribution of oil and gas products at home and abroad.

Trading and distribution of oil and gas products, petrochemical materials and petroleum equipment.

Consulting, surveying, designing, constructing and repairing structures and facilities for the petroleum industry.

Investment in generation and trading of electricity, bio-fuels, fertilizers and petrochemical products.

Investment in generation and trading of electricity, bio-fuels, fertilizers and petrochemical products.

Investment, production and trading of renewable energy sources and other minerals.

Investment, production and trading of renewable energy sources and other minerals.

Provision of petroleum services.

Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd is a reputed Japanese petroleum company which has more than 100 years of history. The Company operates in following fields of business:

Petroleum refining and manufacture and sale of oil products

Manufacture and sale of petrochemical products

Exploration, development, and extraction of petroleum, coal, geothermal resources, and other mineral resources

Manufacture of agricultural chemicals, agricultural materials, and other chemicals

Development, manufacture, and sale of functional electronic materials

Design, installation, fabrication, and sale of various machinery, equipment, and devices for chemical-industrial and environmental-protection uses

Real-estate sales, leasing, and management

Computer-software development, sales, and consulting

Kuwait Petroleum Europe B.V. (KPE) is the international marketing arm of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, a top ten energy conglomerate. Its business encompasses the marketing and sales, research, refining and manufacturing of petroleum products, predominantly in Europe and the Far East. To be concrete, the businesses are:

Being the service stations: With an extensive network of more than 4,000 high quality service stations, Q8 has a retail presence across six European countries.

Selling  fuel directly: Q8’s Direct Division is responsible for the marketing and sales of bulk fuels, bitumen, LPG and other petroleum products.

Supplying jet fuel to many of the world’s major international airports and serves a growing network of regional airports.

Providing international diesel service for international road transport companies. This dedicated service has a network of more than 600 sites and is one of Europe’s leading fuel card suppliers.

Developing, manufacturing and marketing the highest quality lubricants, satisfying the needs of customers in a wide range of market sectors.

Operating refineries: Europoort in the Netherlands and Milazzo in Sicily.

Doing research and developing technology regarding oil and petroleum.

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc., chemistry is an industry where the dream of creating new wealth for people’s lives is realized. Mitsui Chemicals contributes to society by providing high-quality products and services to customers through innovations and creation of materials while maintaining harmony with the global environment. Mitsui Chemicals’ innovative technologies and materials, along with products that offer new functionality, are being used in the automotive, electronics and information, life, environment and energy, and packaging industries. Products by business sectors include:

Functional Chemicals: Fine, Performance Chemicals, Health Care Materials, Nonwovens, Licensing and Agrochemicals.

Functional Polymeric Materials: Elastomers, Performance Compound, Performance Polymers.

Polyurethane: Polyurethane, Coatings; Engineering Materials.

Basic Chemicals: Phenols, PTA; PET, Industrial Chemicals.

Petrochemicals: Petrochemical Feedstocks.

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