At NSRP, we practice the concept of respect for human being in the conduct of our business. From our point of view, working responsibly means seeking to leave positive impacts in the area and social environment where we operate our businesses. We desire to benefit nearby communities with our presence, improve their livelihoods and achieve sustainable development. Hence, we set our objectives of Social & Community work as:

  • Ensure NSRP’s compliance to IFC Performance Standards as required by Lenders under Environment and Social Action Plan (ESAP), particularly social related requirements namely resettlement for affected households, grievance management, community health monitoring, supporting local affected people to restore their livelihood;
  • Manage & mitigate social risks to NSRP (either risk that NSRP might bring to communities or vice versa).
  • Help branding NSRP as a socially responsible enterprise, actively contribute to development of Vietnam and Thanh Hoa province.
Being a part of HSSE&S Division, NSRP Social & Community Section were fully deployed at site since early stage of NSRP project construction phase, back to 2012. The works primarily involves with communities who are living outsides of refinery fences or in different resettlement areas in order to handle issues relating to NSRP project, including:

Land acquisition & Resettlement:

We monitor and ensure the smooth implementation of Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) for Area C in accordance with the Government Regulations and International Standards. In details, since the beginning of 2013, with the strong support and cooperation of related parties including local authorities, all activities related to compensation and resettlement for affected households of Area C have basically been completed. Besides, life of households who resettled in resettlement site has been stable and has easy access basic services like electric and water supply, education and healthcare.

Influx Management:

We monitor and manage influx of contractors/workers to maximize the benefits and minimize the impacts to local communities. In different phases of NSRP project, from construction, commissioning, operation to maintenance, tens of thousands of workers were mobilized by hundreds of contractors, bringing not only valuable opportunities for local procurements/ recruitment but also challenges in dealing with social and community health risks. To manage the influx, we implement various activities including mapping and monitoring of worker camps, promoting local procurements/ recruitment by contractors, and creating workers and communities health awareness raising campaigns.

Stakeholder Engagement:

We maintain and develop a good relationship with local authorities, communities and stakeholders. Of whom, local communities in 4 affected communes: Nguyen Binh, Mai Lam, Hai Yen and Tinh Hai are our primarily and regular contacts. Our relationship is built upon mutual respect and transparent information exchange, in which we keep community informed with all available project information and ensure all community concern and questions are probably listened and addressed.

Grievance Management:

We monitor, investigate, resolve or close grievances related to NSRP project if it is within our responsibility. We work with project contractors to handle grievance raised by their workers. We support legitimate grievant to speed up solving process at relevant government agencies. In order to timely monitor reactions of affected communities about NSRP project activities and minimize potential social risks, we maintain a 24/7 social hotline that captures and handles all community complaints and feedback.

Strategic Social Investment (SSI) and Livelihood Support:

We spend huge and tireless efforts supporting project affected communities to restore their livelihood as required by Lenders and IFC performance standards, helping them to cope with the changes in socio-economic contexts, and to aim towards sustainable livelihood and improved living standards through implementation of SSI projects e.g. health check and monitoring project, livelihood support for the elderly, scholarship for students and pupils of affected households, small scale agriculture models, community led initiative in farming and setting small business, vocational and on-job-trainings, job seekers support etc.

Through various programs and interventions, NSRP commits to work with the communities to address their development priorities, to mitigate social risks and create social acceptance, and to bring prosperity and development to the society.