NSRP is committed to more than just adherence to laws and regulations. Our commitment is to reflect the highest level of integrity and ethics in our dealings with each other, our customers, our suppliers, our stakeholders, the public, and the government agencies with whom we engage.

It is intend of the Company that all NSRP personel, regardless his/ her positions and working functions, should maintain the highest ethical standards in connection with the Company’s business. All personnel are required to conduct the Company’s business with integrity and in compliance with applicable laws, in a manner that excludes consideration of personal advantages.

NSRP business ethics and conduct was indicated in several management documents and circulars since 2013. These guidelines consolidate information from relevant documents and put them into one place “NSRP BUSINESS ETHICS GUIDELINES”, to establish basic principles and minimum standards of behaviors that apply throughout the Company. As NSRP is an international company, local practices and cultures might provide rules that are different from the principles and standards established in these guidelines, Employees should seek guidance from managers and Compliance Committee (Principle for Compliance Committee, MD-02-HPC-PR-001) in these cases.


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