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NSRP welcomed the Japanese business delegation exploring investment opportunities in Thanh Hoa Province

In a significant development for regional economic collaboration, Thanh Hoa Province and the Center for Promotion of Investment, Trade, and Tourism, in collaboration with NSRP, organized a program to a distinguished delegation of Japanese business representatives on November 30, 2023. The delegation’s primary objective was to explore promising investment and business prospects within the province.

NSRP welcomed the Japanese business delegation at ADM building

The visit witnessed the participation of 21 Japanese companies, underscoring the growing interest of Japanese investors in Thanh Hoa’s economic potential. This event served as a platform for both Vietnamese and Japanese businesses to establish valuable partnerships and contribute to the development of the local economy.

The event commenced with an informative presentation by NSRP, showcasing the company’s background, achievements, and substantial contributions to the region’s economic landscape. This introduction provided the Japanese delegation with valuable insights into NSRP’s business and operations.

Overview of the meeting

During the course of the meeting, the Japanese delegation engaged in meaningful discussions with NSRP representatives. Their inquiries primarily revolved around NSRP’s operational capacity, and the diverse range of products offered.

Representatives of businesses have questions to NSRP

A noteworthy aspect of the discussion was NSRP’s commendable success in managing a diverse and multicultural workforce, comprising individuals hailing from 24 different countries. This accomplishment was hailed as a testament to the power of inclusivity and diversity in fostering a collaborative work environment.

NSRP General Manager of the Refinery – Mr. Le Nguyen Quoc Vinh, representing NSRP, emphasized the company’s commitment to respecting and embracing diverse cultures. NSRP views this diversity as a strength, fostering an environment of trust, collaboration, and mutual respect among employees from various backgrounds.

NSRP General Manager of the Refinery – Mr. Le Nguyen Quoc Vinh, representing NSRP, responded to Japan business

The Japanese delegation also expressed curiosity about the quality of life and opportunities available in Thanh Hoa Province. The response highlighted the province’s attractiveness for investors and professionals, underlining its favorable business environment, robust infrastructure, and numerous investment incentives.

The visit of the Japanese business delegation to Thanh Hoa Province and NSRP has marked a significant step toward enhancing economic cooperation between Japan and Vietnam. It highlights the province’s potential as an investment hub and underscores NSRP’s dedication to fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment. This event has set the stage for future collaborations that can benefit both nations’ economies and contribute to the regional growth.

The delegation took a photo on top of the ADM building of NSRP

This visit not only strengthens economic ties but also showcases Thanh Hoa Province as an attractive destination for international investors. The collaboration between NSRP and Japanese businesses opens doors to a promising future of economic growth and technological advancement in the region.

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