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NSRP extends congratulations to the newly appointed CEO of Vietnam Oil and Gas Group

On March 20th, the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (Petrovietnam) held a significant ceremony to announce the appointment of Mr. Le Ngoc Son as the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Member of the Board of Directors, and CEO of the Group.

Mr. Le Ngoc Son, the newly appointed CEO of Petrovietnam

Mr. Le Ngoc Son, the newly appointed CEO of Petrovietnam, was born in 1972. He possesses a strong educational background, holding a Master’s degree in oil and gas field evaluation and management, as well as being a qualified oil and gas drilling technology engineer. With nearly 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, Mr. Son has held various positions throughout his career.

Before assuming the role of CEO at Petrovietnam, Mr. Son served as the Head of the Group’s Petroleum Exploitation Department and held the position of CEO at the Phu Quoc Petroleum Operating Company.

Since March 2021, he has been serving as the Vice CEO of the PVN Group.

Representatives from the Management Board of Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemical Company Limited (NSRP), including Mr. So Hasegawa – General Director (GD), and Mr. Pham Van Chat – Deputy General Director, also extended their well wishes and congratulations to Mr. Le Ngoc Son on his new role as the CEO of PVN.

Representatives of NSRP Management congratulated Mr. Le Ngoc Son on his new role as PVN CEO

Mr. So Hasegawa, on behalf of NSRP’s Management, expressed his congratulations to Mr. Son and conveyed his best wishes to the continued success of the PVN Group.

From the NSRP perspective, Mr. So Hasegawa reiterated the company’s dedication to enhancing efficiency of production and business operations. These endeavors are aimed at enabling the company to make even more significant contributions to both national energy security and the sustainable development of Thanh Hoa province.

Mr. So Hasegawa – NSRP General Director expressed his congratulations to Mr. Le Ngoc Son

During the meeting between NSRP Management and PVN Chairman – Dr. Le Manh Hung after that, several important topics were discussed.

NSRP GD – Mr. Hasegawa reported that the refinery has been performing stably with high run rates. Dr. Hung highlighted the challenges related to liquidity and financing restructuring for the upcoming May repayment, which require immediate attention. He emphasized the importance of addressing these issues effectively and urged NSRP to tackle them properly.

He also shared insights into PVN’s current sources of growth, highlighting three key factors: a strong corporate culture, effective management practices, and continuous improvement of employee skills.

Mr. Hasegawa, drawing from his experience at Idemitsu, expressed his agreement on the significance of people in driving success. He also reaffirmed NSRP’s commitment to ensuring stable operations and to try the best with sponsors to achieve long term financial restructuring with the lenders.

These discussions reflect the strategic priorities and collaborative efforts between PVN and NSRP to address challenges, sustain operational stability, and explore new opportunities in the oil and gas industry.


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