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NSRP successfully conducted the communication campaign for Turnaround 2023

In late July and August 2023, NSRP Social Team of Administration, Social & Community and Public Relations Department (ADSCPR) carried out the disclosure campaign for Turnaround 2023 (TA) to local authorities and nearby communities in the communes/wards of Hai Yen, Tinh Hai, Mai Lam, Hai Thuong, Hai Ha, and Nghi Son via various methods such as informal visits, public notice boards, public announcements, posters hanging at center locations, etc.

The communication about TA aims to make local authorities and neighboring communities aware of the purpose and schedule of maintenance activities and apply safety measures to help them be well prepared for potential nuisances, while at the same time calling for their sympathy and support.

Social member disclosed key information about TA for the representative of Hai Yen Commune People’s Committee

Disseminate and publish TA information on NSRP community notice board

In general, local authorities and communities expressed their appreciation for the efforts of NSRP in timely and transparently sharing activity information with communities through easy-approaching communication methods and easy-to-understand contents. They pledged to cooperate and support in cascading the information about this activity to their local people, and they also expected the NSRP social team to continue keeping them updated about the progress of TA during its implementation timeline.

Mr. Van Huy Tran – the Vice Chairman of Mai Lam Ward People’s Committee, said: “Thank you, NSRP, for sharing the timely information with our local authorities and communities. It’s very useful to help local people grasp NSRP’s important event so that they can be well prepared for potential nuisances and have support and sympathy for NSRP”.

NSRP Social Team together with HSSE team disclosed TA information to fence-line communities

Disclosed TA information to fence-line communities continuosly

Parallel to the disclosure to local authorities and nearby communities, from July 31 to August 24, 2023, NSRP Social team also cooperated with NSRP HSSE to spread information for workforce management, including “Community Grievance Mechanism Procedure (CGMP)”, “Golden Safety Rules”, “Useful information for homeowners” to the contractors, their employees, and their homeowners to limit the negative impacts during TA implementation around their accommodation and working areas.

This activity received supportive cooperation and high appreciation from TA’s main contractors. They pledged to disclose information provided by NSRP social team to their employees as well as enhance the monitoring activities both in the working area and the accommodation area to prevent potential social and safety risks.

Disclosed the workforce management to Gia Quang Phat contractor at their camp and homeowner

This activity received supportive cooperation and high appreciation from TA’s main contractors

The TA disclosure will be continued together with the patrol activity conducted around the fence-line communities for the whole period of the TA duration in order to keep local authorities and communities updated with arising activities and their potential nuisances.

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