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NSRP delivered gifts to poor households on Tet occasion

On the occasion of Lunar New Year 2023, between January 11 and 12, 2023, NSRP cooperated with local authorities in the project-affected communes of Tinh Hai, Mai Lam, Hai Yen, Hai Thuong, and Nghi Son to deliver 181 gifts to poor households that are under particularly difficult circumstances. This activity is one of the annual NSRP activities with the aim to help poor and disadvantaged households partly lessen difficulties in life as well as further strengthen the relationship between the community and NSRP.

Tet gift delivery in Hai Yen commune

This activity received high acknowledgement and appreciation from local authorities. Mr. Van Huy Tran – Vice Chairman of Mai Lam Ward People’s Committee said: “This support, together with other NSRP’s activities over the last few years, is extremely meaningful.” It assists poor or difficult households in lessening their difficulties and bringing a happy Tet to their families. We hope that NSRP will continue to engage in this activity in the coming years.”

Tet gift delivery in Mai Lam ward

For households that received gift sets, they expressed their affection and appreciation for the NSRP’s considerate and meaningful action.

Ms. Cao Thi Dao (Bac Yen village, Hai Yen commune) shared: “This gift is really meaningful, helping me to partly reduce difficulties in life. I would like to thank NSRP for the presence and their considerateness. Wishing all the Management and staffs of NSRP good health and wishing NSRP a lot of success in the new year of 2023.”

Tet gift delivery in Tinh Hai ward

Keeping in mind that the benefits of a local community impact the health and well-being of the Company itself, NSRP’s aforesaid social engagement activities have not created goodwill to the community but also supported the Company’s business goals and provided a return on investment through creating and enhancing a positive corporate brand in minds of key stakeholders.

On behalf of the NSRP Board of Editors, we would love to share our sincere appreciation to all members of the Social and Community Section for their endless efforts over the past year for such meaningful social engagement activities and wish them a very Happy New Year.

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