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Bringing spring-vibes early to NSRP’s employees

Not only embellishing the Tet holiday atmosphere cozier and more delightfulpeach blossoms are also given many meaningful layers by the ancients. Peach blossoms are considered the quintessence of the Five Elements and able to dispel all demons and bring a peaceful and happy life. Furthermore, the peach blossoms also symbolize the fertility and bloom. It can bring a new life to the family, help everyone in the house stay healthy, peaceful, and happy in the new year. Vietnamese people often say“seeing peach blossoms is seeing Tet”. It can be said that peach blossom is a symbol of the traditional Northern New Year. 

Peach blossom trees will be delivered to the buildings

Understanding the afore-said meaning of peach blossoms on the occasion of Tet and bearing in mind that taking care of the employee’s spiritual life is one of top prioritized tasks of the Companywith the aim to encourage, share and cheer up spirit of employees who undertake the duty of working and operating the Refinery during the Lunar New Year, the Corporate Culture Development team of HR (CCDT) collaborated with NSRP Trade Union presented peach blossoms trees to departments/ divisions to display and decorate their office buildings and shelters. 

Since early January, representatives of CCDT and NSRP TU directly took site-surveys to flower gardens in Thai Nguyen and Hanoi. From January 25-27th18 peach blossom trees were selected and transported carefully from the gardens to Refinery in Thanh Hoa and Hanoi then delivered to representatives of departments/ divisions to display in office buildings and shelters in the Refinery as well as Head Office in Hanoi. Due to long distance and large number of peach blossoms trees, the transportation process encountered some difficulties. However, thanks to professional and enthusiastic cooperation from Security, Warehouse and Admin teams in supporting and facilitating necessary procedures, the transportation job of peach blossoms trees to unit and areas were completed successfully.  

In the following weeks, the Company’s BOM and leaders of Trade Union Executive Committee will pay Tet visits to the employees who will be working at the Refinery during Tet holiday period. 

This is one of the first activities of CCDT since its establishment in late 2020 under the direction and companionship of the Company’s BOM and Trade Union. The afore-said program has shown strong commitment of the Company that is always accompanying, taking care of physical and spiritual life of the employees practically and deeply, thereby developing and enhancing the company culture firmly in order to create a NSRP entity of “solidarity and sustainability. 2021 will be a promising year with a lot of corporate and collective activities of the Company. Let’s wait for the big show and participate enthusiastically into such meaningful activities! 

The peach blossom tree in Hanoi Head Office



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