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Disclosure of marine safety zone

Photo 1 – courtesy visit to fishermen in Hai Thuong

With the concerns of increasing illegal intrusion cases to NSRP Project MSZ recently, NSRP Social & Community Section closely cooperated with Security Team to carry out the campaign of MSZ disclosure to fishermen to foster their awareness in the proximity coastal areas of NSRP project and prevent future intrusion with following key messages: (1) Safety distances for NSRP’s marine facilities; (2)Rules/ regulatory basis of safety and security for NSRP’s marine facilities; (3) The activities which are forbidden in the safety corridor of NSRP’s marine facilities; and (4) Danger and consequences of illegal intrusion and activities within NSRP Marine Safety Zone.

photo 2- disclose MSZ to Hai Thanh commune

The campaign was carried out from 16 – 23 June, 2020 with the close cooperation between NSRP Social and Community Section and Security Team in 07 coastal proximity communes/wards and theirs 28 villages/ residential groups. In the process of disclosure campaign, various information-sharing methods were carried out including one-on-one meetings, group meetings to authorities at CPCs, coastal village heads’ houses, key stakeholders and intruders visits, public announcement via loudspeaker system. The disclosed information was also summarized in the PA script, flyers, poster containing coordination of MSZ, relevant regulations and the danger of intruding to NSRP MSZ in Vietnamese language to ensure information was understandable to fishermen.

Photo 3 – disclose MSZ to Nghi Son commune

In general, local authorities and fishermen appreciated NSRP’s efforts in disclosing useful information to fishermen. 

Photo 4 – posters were hung to raise awareness of people

The information was disclosed to key stakeholders for their understanding and further support in disseminating to fishermen through village/ residential group meetings. During the meetings, key stakeholders and fishermen shared their opinions, and recommendations for further support from NSRP/local authorities. The below summaries are the main points during the disclosure activities.  

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