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NSRP awarded over 450 million dong-valued sponsorship slots for students in Nghi Son district

With the aim to support the education of NSRP affected communities in particular and Nghi Son district in general, following the success of NSRP scholarship program undertaken for the last years, NSRP has continued to cooperate with Nghi Son District Association for Promoting Education (NSAPE) to implement this special program to support students in affected communes in school year 2021-2022

Overview of the ceremony

The NSRP scholarship program targeted recipients are: (1) Students (college/university) in difficulties in Mai Lam, Hai Yen, Tinh Hai communes/wards; (2) Pupils in difficulties in Mai Lam, Hai Yen, Tinh Hai communes/wards; (3) Pupils in difficulties in Nghi Son district; (4) Excellent pupils in 07 fence-line communes (Mai Lam, Hai Yen, Tinh Hai, Hai Thuong, Hai Ha, Nghi Son communes/wards) and Luong Chi primary and secondary school.

On October 21, 2022, at the awarding ceremony, NSRP successfully granted 198 scholarship slots at a total amount of 453,000,000 VND to students and pupils, in which: 75 slots were granted to students and pupils from difficult households whose land was acquired for NSRP in Mai Lam, Tinh Hai, and Hai Yen commune/ward; 28 slots were granted to 28 pupils in difficulty in 28 communes/wards of Nghi Son Districts; and 95 slots for excellent students who achieved excellent results in 16 schools in the 07 above mentioned communes.The awarding ceremony witnessed the participation of representatives of Nghi Son District: Mr. Nguyen Quoc Dat – Vice chairman of Nghi Son District People Council, Mr. Mai Sy Lan – Vice chairman of Nghi Son District People Committee (NSDPC), Mrs. Vu Thi Thanh Van – Head of Nghi Son district Department of Education and Training; representatives of NSRP: Mr. Le Nguyen Quoc Vinh – Deputy General Director cum General Manager of Refinery, Mr. Trinh Xuan Duc – Social and Community Deputy Section Manager and project officers; representatives of 16 schools, Association of Education chairmen’s of communes/wards in Nghi Son; and students/pupils in the list of receiving NSRP scholarship and their parents .

Representatives of NSRP and Local authority granted scholarship to pupils

At the awarding ceremony, Mr. Mai Sy Lan – Vice chairman of NSDPC expressed his deeply thanks and highly appreciated NSRP program/activities in general and NSRP Scholarship program in particular. He hoped that NSRP would continue to maintain and expand Scholarship program to all communes/wards of Nghi Son District in the coming years.

Mr. Mai Sy Lan – Vice chairman of Nghi Son District People Committee

“The NSRP Scholarship Program has been positively evaluated by local authorities as well as local people. Therefore, we consider this a strategic program and hope to implement it in the long term to contribute to helping disadvantaged students continue to go to school as well as encourage them to strive to achieve good study results. In order to successfully implement this program in recent years, we have received the attention and cooperation of the local authorities, schools, and the Study Promotion Association at all levels, especially the Nghi Son Association of Education, our scholarship program implementation partner in Nghi Son District. Therefore, on this occasion, allow me, on behalf of NSRP, to express my thanks and hope to continue to receive the cooperation and support of you and your agencies during the upcoming time.” – Mr. Le Nguyen Quoc Vinh expressed his thought on behalf of NSRP Management,

Deputy General Director cum General Manager of Refinery Mr. Le Nguyen Quoc Vinh expressed his thought

No one should have their education limited due to a lack of household income. One of the most important scholarship benefits for society is that it gives us engineers, doctors, academics, nurses, lawyers, and scientists in the future from backgrounds that would make traditional college financial aid hard to secure. Giving to the society and local community is always one of NSRP’s top priorities. We find supporting education is the best way to invest. NSRP would love to be one of the “farmers” who plant the green and take care of the young shoots that grow day by day to bloom brilliantly one day.

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