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NSRP brings an enjoyable and meaningful Mid-Autumn festival to children and communities in neighboring areas

Mid-Autumn festival is always a traditional cultural event which carries special meanings to everyone in the community. This festival is a good opportunity for gaining attention and participation from all family members and broad community, as well as an opportunity for NSRP to show our social cohesion, goodwill and friendship to neighboring communities. With support from NSRP Management, in this year, NSRP continued cooperating with local authorities of 04 neighboring communes to carry out many activities to bring an enjoyable and meaningful Mid-Autumn festival to children in neighboring communities.

The happiness of children when enjoy the Mid-Autumn festival event

In 2019 Mid-Autumn, NSRP organized successfully two Mid-Autumn festival events and delivered thousands of educational gifts, scholarships and moon cakes to neighboring communes. The Mid-Autumn festival events were organized in Mai Lam and Hai Yen primary schools with the participation of local authorities, representatives of NSRP and thousands of local people in the evenings of September 06th, and 07th, respectively. During the events, activities like traditional dances, star-shape lantern marching, fashion show with home-made recycle materials, and fun gameshows were really enjoyed by the audiences. With the support from NSRP, most of these performances were prepared and performed by children and local people. Besides, NSRP also hired professional lion-dance team and magician to perform at the events. These are the new and special performances that local people rarely have chance to enjoy.

HSSE&S Division Manager attended scholarship granting ceremony to orphan and disabled students in Tinh Gia District Hall

To help orphan and disabled children having a meaningful Mid-Autumn festival, NSRP cooperated with local authorities and Tinh Gia Association for Support of Handicapped to grant 110 scholarships/ gift sets to 110 children. Each scholarship/ gift set consists of VND 1 million and moon cake set, which helps to ease their difficulties. Particularly, 51 gift sets were delivered to 51 children in 04 neighboring communes of Nguyen Binh, Hai Yen, Tinh Hai and Mai Lam. Besides, NSRP also granted 59 scholarships to orphan and disabled students who achieved good grade during school year from difficult communes in Tinh Gia district. In addition, 1,218 educational gifts were also delivered to all kindergarten kids in 03 communes of Mai Lam, Tinh Hai, and Hai Yen.

HSSE&S Division Manager delivered scholarship and moon cakes to orphan and disabled students in Tinh Gia District Hall

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