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NSRP implemented the clean water supply project for local people in affected communities.

The project is designed to improve the health and living conditions through providing clean water access support to refinery’s north fence-line communities which would help enhance social acceptance and mitigate social risks.

The beneficiary communities in the circles

From October to December 2022, NSRP implemented Community Clean Water Support project (CCWS) to support installing a network of pipes supplying clean water to residential areas of 8 villages/residential groups in Tinh Hai ward (Thang Hai, Lien Vinh and Trung Son), Mai Lam ward (Tan Thanh, Kim Phu, Huu Lai and Kim Son) and Bac Yen village (Hai Yen commune). Accordingly, NSRP funded installing about 74 km of branch pipes while Binh Minh water supply company bore the cost for installing about 9 km of main pipes and local people bore their own cost to pull water into their houses from the branch pipes. Over 3,000 affected households have directly benefitted from this project.

The sub-contractor is continuing installation of pipes and meters for registered households in the project area.

NSRP also funded installing pipes and meters for 12 administrative and non-business units in Mai Lam ward, Tinh Hai ward and Bac Yen village (Hai Yen commune) including 2 ward people’s committees, 2 primary schools, 2 secondary schools, 4 kindergartens and 2 ward medical stations.

Now, the sub-contractor is continuing installation of pipes and meters for registered households in the project area. Local people and authorities are happy and have a high appreciation of positive impacts from using clean water. Ms. Len in Kim Phu residential group shared: “Thanks to using clean water, my family members feel healthier, we don’t have scabies and discomfort anymore. The equipment in our house is also cleaner, not rusty.”

Installing the clean water pipes to residential groups

Mr. Van Huy Tran, Vice Chairman of Mai Lam Ward People’s Committee said: “We acknowledge and appreciate the supports provided by NSRP in supporting our communities to improve their health and life quality. I wish the company to achieve more success and continue to support the local community, particularly the fence-line area.”

To use clean water everyday


Local people are happy to use clean water

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