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NSRP Trade Union organized training workshop on legal policies in 2020

Following the action plan of implementing legal policies programs in 2020 of the Vietnam Oil and Gas Trade Union to foster skills, equip knowledge for Trade Union member at all levels, improve methods and skills  for TU officers, actively contributing to build harmonious and progressive labor relations in units and enterprises; at the same time inform, introduce, implement a number of new directions and policies in the field of labor relations, the 2020 Labor Code; focus on building legal documents to protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees, on the morning of October 28th, 2020, the NSRP Trade Union, under the support of the Vietnam Oil and Gas Industry Trade Union Nam organized a training workshop on legal policies in 2020 at NSRP Refinery in Thanh Hoa.

Mr. Nguyen Manh Kha – Vice Chairman of PVN Trade Union delivered his opening speech at the workshop

Attending the conference, on the side of PVN Trade Union, there were Mr. Nguyen Manh Kha – Vice President and representatives of relevant departments; on the side of NSRP, there were Mr. Shigeru Matsuda – Manager of Human Resources Department, Mr. La Manh Truong – Chairman of NSRP Trade Union together with more than 50 Trade Union members as well as specialists of related departments such as Human Resources and Legal.

Representative of NSRP Mr. Shigeru Matsuda – HR Manager spoke at the workshop

Training directly at the workshop was Dr. Do Ngan Binh – Deputy Director of Legal Consulting Center of Hanoi Law University, one of the experts in drafting the Vietnam Labor Law and the current Insurance Law. At the workshop, Dr. Binh introduced the new issues applied in the Vietnam Labor Code expected to come into effect from January 1st, 2021 (replacing the Vietnam Labor Law 2012) affecting directly to the rights and obligations of employees; the contents that the Trade Union need to pay attention in order to protect the employees, and at the same time she shared some practical experiences and answered problems in the process of implementing and applying the Labor Law. In which, Dr. Binh focused on the following issues: Trade union with negotiating and signing labor contracts; salary and payment of social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance; some content on labor disputes; contents related to the Trade Union in the new situation … From these contents, Dr. Do Ngan Binh explained and discussed issues related to legal advices on labor contracts; salary and social insurance payment; working time, rest time of the employee; disciplinary action, etc.

Dr. Do Ngan Binh – Deputy Director of Legal Consulting Center Hanoi Law University
was delivering her training contents to the participants

As an officer of the Legal team of NSRP, after attending the training course, Ms. Nguyen Thi Dien shared: “After attending this training, thanks to objective, concise, easy to understand answers by Dr. Do Ngan Binh in the Q&A part, the trainees are able to understand clearer and better the new points of the Vietnam Labor Law and regulations related to the rights and obligations of members and employees. These are very useful knowledge for Trade Union members and employees to help protect their legitimate rights and interests within the legal framework, and for NSRP’s TU members, the workshop is also an opportunity to obtain more knowledge and exchange experience to improve their readiness capacity to meet the requirements of TU activities in the new situation ”.

The conference attracted the active participation of leaders as well as NSRP TU members

With the active participation of leaders as well as NSRP TU members, the training workshop became an exciting forum to exchange from many sides, many aspects and many perspectives, helping to improve professional skills and performance quality of NSRP TU at all levels in legal consultancy for employees and enterprises, meeting the requirements of the PVN TU.

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