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NSRP Trade Union to organize the 1st Marathon

Bearing in mind that employee’s health is the 1st priority of the Company, NSRP Trade Union shall organize the NSRP 1st Marathon tournament for both employees and their family members to encourage them joining sport activities to enhance their health and strengthen connection among members of NSRP family. This is truly a great chance for everyone to meet and exchange life experiences. Moreover, the 1st Marathon tournament is also an opportunity for NSRP-ers to prove strong commitment to their body, their health, their life and re-affirm that we are responsible and always pursuant to our targets with full energy.

Photo taken by Nguyen Dinh Thieu (Mr.) – Section 6.2/Operation

With afore-said purposes, NSRP Trade Union is calling for active participation of all NSRP employees and their family members in this Tournament.

Cc to: Mr. Điệp – Phone: 0901.793.255; Email:

Regarding this Marathon operation mechanism, there shall be 2 Categories:

In each round, referee will record the completion of each candidate by identification number. Runners who cannot finish the race within the afore-mentioned timing shall not be included in the race Leader Board and shall not be awarded with the medal accordingly. Especially, the runners are prohibited to continue the race exceeding the time limit.

Demo of running race

To motivate the runners of the tournament, for 10 Km Distance, top 10 female and male runners will receive a reward of 500,000 VND/each.  For 5 Km Distance, top 5 runners will receive a reward of 500,000 VND/each. For both 10 Km and 5 Km Distance, runners that complete the distance within the cut-off time will receive a Completion T-shirt and Medal.

A completion T-shirt


A completion T-shirt

Please kindly be aware that in order to participate in this Tournament, the applicants must follow the below conditions:

As the Covid-19 pandemic in Vietnam becomes complicated, in order to strictly follow the policies and requirements on epidemic prevention of the Vietnam Government as well as Thanh Hoa Province, the official time of the NSRP Trade Union’s 1st Marathon Tournament will be announced to you as soon as possible! ​​​​​​​




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