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NSRP’s electric fan donation program in the summer 2022

Social responsibility is one of Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemical (NSRP)’s core values, we serve and care for society and communities especially those are located in the vicinity of our intended project. Over the past few years, we have always showcased our attentions to and accompany with local communities, in which disadvantaged and poor households are most cared and focused, to improve their quality of life.

Fan donation at Hai Yen commune

Courtesy visit and fan donation to poor households in Hai Thuong

On April 28th and 29th, 2022, NSRP Social and Community Section, in collaboration with Mai Lam, Tinh Hai WPC and Hai Yen CPC to organize an fan donation program – “share the wind, share the love” and we visited to extremely disadvantaged households in Hai Thuong ward and Nghi Son commune to donate cooling fans, in the honor of the Country’s 47th National Reunification Day (April 30th, 2022) and 136th International Labor Day (May 01st, 2022). The program was designed with the aim of supporting those poor and disadvantaged households to be ready for an upcoming hot summer. 190 electric fans were granted to 190 households in Hai Yen (51 households), Mai Lam (80 households), Tinh Hai (47 households), Nghi Son and Hai Thuong (12 households).

Fan donation at Mai Lam ward

Fan donation at Tinh Hai ward

All households who received the gifts were very happy and thankful to NSRP for this meaningful program. This kind of supporting activity has been designated as one of annually practical activities NSRP in recent years to share difficulties with disadvantaged and poor households living in the fence-line area of the Refinery. “NSRP have been with us since very early stage of development, many projects/programs have been invested to support our local people. We hope that there will be more activities and meaningful programs from NSRP to support our life quality and develop the local economy” – Mr.  Van Huy Tran- Mai Lam WPC Vice Chairman shared.

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