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Disclosure on “no burning garbage near NSRP fence”

With the concerns of increasing small burning garbage cases near NSRP fence recently, NSRP Social & Community Section closely cooperated with H&S Section, and Security Team to carry out the campaign of “no garbage burning near NSRP fence” disclosure to fence-line villagers to foster their awareness about the danger of illegal garbage burning and the need to comply with Law on Fire prevention and fighting. The campaign was carried out from 21 – 24 July 2020 with the close cooperation between NSRP Social and Community Section and Security Team in 2 fence-line wards and 4 fence-line villages/ residential groups.

In the process of disclosure, various information-sharing methods were carried out including one-on-one meetings, group meetings to violators, village heads’ houses, key stakeholders and authorities at W/CPCs, public announcement via loudspeaker systems and community notice boards. Information including relevant fire prevention and fighting regulations and the danger of garbage burning near NSRP fence was summarized in the PA script, flyers in Vietnamese language to ensure information was understandable to fence-line villagers. Furthermore, 8 warning signboards of “no garbage burning” are also hang along the refinery fence of 4 fence-line villages where the local people often burnt garbage in recent times or might dispose/burn garbage in the future.

In general, local authorities and fence-line villagers appreciated NSRP’s efforts in disclosing useful information to communities. To support for this campaign, local authorities also assigned ward policemen to disclose the information of no garbage burning near the refinery’s fence to fence-line villagers and remind them to comply the Law and regulations on fire prevention and fighting. The information was disclosed to key stakeholders for their understanding and further support in disseminating to fence-line villagers through village/ residential group meetings

NSRP disclose information to key stakeholder


NSRP and local police visit to HHs to disclose information

One of No fire signboards was installed on the fence

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