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Apec Group Project “Zero Cost Happy Supermarket” Dispenses Hope to Vietnam’s Poor

HANOI, VietnamApril 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Amidst the center of COVID-19, a special supermarket system initiated by Apec Group has been opened across the country called “The Zero Cost Happy Supermarket” which provides essential goods to people from less well-off backgrounds to help them overcome the challenges they face in the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic.

An 87-year-old woman makes her way to The Zero Cost Supermarket in Hanoi, Vietnam, on April 15, 2020. (Photo by VnExpress/Tung Dinh)

According to the organization team, the model of Zero Cost Happy Supermarket includes 3 main items: food, clothes and books.

Each customer participating in “Zero Cost shopping” will be allowed to choose 5 different products such as rice, egg, sugar, peanuts, fish sauce, salt, cooking oil, medicine, clothes, books, etc. not exceeding VND100,000 ($4.3) and extended twice per month.

After one week of operation Zero Cost Happy Supermarket has helped over 10,000 disadvantaged people across the country. According to the program organizer, this model is continuing to be replicated. Up to now, Apec Group and its companions have opened 18 Zero Cost Happy Supermarket across the country (HanoiLang SonBac GiangHai DuongThai NguyenHuePhu YenQuang NamQuang TriHoa BinhHa TinhYen BaiNinh Thuan, and Saigon) provide completely free food, necessities, clothes, books, etc. for people in difficult circumstances who need help, especially in the period of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Book has been on shelves of Zero Cost Happy Supermarket from the first days, however, a small number of people asked to borrow it. In reality, struggling with every meal, the rare time people spend “static” to read books is understandable. However, the organizers of Zero Cost Happy Supermarket still hold the belief that only books are the most sustainable help for the underprivileged people. Therefore, “Book sandwiches: Food warm hearts – Books change lives” program was born with that belief.

Every customer who comes to the book sandwich program will receive a “shopping for Zero Cost” including bread, German biscuit and any book. In particular, as long as customers have a love for books and have a crush on Vietnamese bread, any book always welcomes them. Every Saturday, customers only need to bring along with the old book they had selected before to exchange for new books and receive more cakes every 2 weeks.

Sharing about the project of Zero Cost Happy Supermarket, Mr. Pham Duy Hung, representative of Zero Cost Hanh Phuc Supermarket said: “COVID-19 has left heavy impact on society, however, it also brought us meaningful messages to realize deeply how lucky we are, and what each action at the moment means to those who have more difficulty than us. Happiness is sharing, and happiness is in each of us.”

“We want to contribute a small effort to help and support people in the current difficult time. We hope to spread the messages of love and to create a shared and happy community together,” Mr. Hung said.

Address of Zero Cost Happy Supermarket in Vietnam:


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