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Large-scale Emergency Drill at NSRP

On the morning of 27th August 2019, as approved by Vietnam Department of Fire and Rescue Police (Ministry of Public Security) and Ministry of Industry and Trade, NSRP in cooperation with Thanh Hoa Provincial Public Security and a number of corporates in Nghi Son Economic Zone organized the Large-scale Emergency Drill to strengthen firefighting skill and tactics, commanding and co-operating capacities among various forces to handle the large-scale fire scenario and chemical spill response.

Large-scale Emergency Drill at NSRP

Attended the event were the delegates from: Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Thanh Hoa Province, Petrovietnam, NSRP, representatives of the Police from some provinces and cities directly under the Central Government: Thanh Hóa, Quảng Ngãi, Nghệ An, Bắc Giang, representatives of departments and divisions under VFFPD, Thanh Hoa Public Security, Thanh Hoa DOIT and members of Thanh Hoa ERMB on Fire Prevention, Fighting and Chemical Spill Response, and representatives of customs, police and military units located in NSEZ.

Representatives of the Police from Thanh Hoa Province

This is a large-scale chemical fire drill which requires the mobilization of firefighting manpower and vehicles of several government agencies and corporates in Thanh Hoa Province. A total of 250 firefighters and 40 firefighting vehicles of different types participated in this drill.

Representatives of NSRP

The fire scenario is that while the 10.000-ton-capacity ship was loading Sulphur at Berth 1B of NSRP, the belt conveyor encountered a problem which led to a Sulphur fire in the conveyor and then spread out to the Sulphur compartment in the ship. Soon the fire covered a large area of 200m2 and required the coordinated firefighting effort of not only NSRP specialized firefighting team, but also Thanh Hoa Provincial Police, Nghi Son Thermal Power Plant, Annora Footwear, and Hong Fu Footwear Company.

The drill was successfully concluded with the Ministry of Public Security awarding Recognition Certificates to 12 organizations and 15 individuals, and the Thanh Hoa Provincial Police awarding Recognition Certificates to 7 individuals for their outstanding contributions to the drill.

Speaking at the drill, Mr. Tran Trung Thanh, Deputy Chief of Vietnam Department of Fire and Rescue Police – Ministry of Public Security expressed high appreciation over NSRP’s continued efforts in conducting the drill in particular and ensuring fire safety at the refinery in general.

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