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Q8Oils and INNIO engage in long-term partnership for lubricating Jenbacher gas engines


Q8Oils has signed a long-term global partnership agreement with INNIO Jenbacher to supply lubricants for all Jenbacher gas engines that operate on non-natural gas, including biogas, sewage gas and landfill gas.

Combining the technical expertise and knowledge of INNIO Jenbacher and Q8Oils will further enhance the durability and efficiency of Jenbacher type 2, 3, 4 and 6 engines. Both companies strongly believe that this partnership will bring strong new benefits to gas engine owners and operators.

Effective 1st October, this new agreement strengthens the close and successful cooperation between INNIO Jenbacher and Q8Oils in recent years. Both companies are intensely cooperating already, and the launch of their new co-branded oil worldwide is planned for Q1 2021.

Frank Rouwens, General Manager Q8Oils, commented: “Today, we are delighted to announce the partnership between Q8Oils and INNIO Jenbacher, which brings together Q8Oils’ leading technology in gas engine lubrication and Jenbacher’s world class expertise in designing and building gas engines. Our companies will focus on developments related to biogas and other non-natural gases. We are very happy with this partnership which fits well with our mutual drive to focus research and new developments on sustainable solutions that support the environment and help make our planet a healthier place.”

Andreas Kunz, CTO, INNIO commented: “We are pleased to build on our co-engineering working relationship with Q8Oils. We have been working closely with Q8Oils in recent years to combine INNIO’s product and combustion knowledge with Q8Oils’ competence in lubricant and additive development. This has resulted in the development of a new lubricant that is designed to meet the demanding requirements of non-natural gas combustion. This lubricant is developed specifically for our reliable and highly efficient Jenbacher Type 2, 3, 4 and 6 engines that operate on non-natural gases. Furthermore, it is specified to give greater protection to engine components and to maximize customer value. The partnership agreement will be a key driver in continuing to improve the performance of our non-natural gases engines in an environmentally friendly way.”

Q8Oils has been developing solutions related to the challenges that arise from lubricating gas engines in its in-house research laboratories for 35 years. Through continuous innovation, it provides gas engine owners with lubricants which deliver the cleanest engines and longer oil drain intervals, helping to reduce operational costs.

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