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Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ catalyst selected for major petrochemical projects


Shenghong Refining and Chemical (Shenghong) has selected Shell Catalysts & Technologies (SC&T) to provide catalyst for its C2 FE selective hydrogenation units, the core reaction unit of its 1100 KTA grassroots ethylene Plant in Lianyungang, China. The ethylene cracker is part of Shenghong’s grassroots integrated refining and petrochemical complex. The plant is the third largest ethylene cracker, making SC&T the catalyst supplier to the three largest petrochemical plants in China.

The two largest plants, Zhejiang petrochemical (ZPC) and Hengli Petrochemical currently utilize C2 FE selective hydrogenation catalyst from SC&T, and both successfully started up in December 2019 and January 2020 respectively.

Both world scale acetylene convertors started-up right first time with minimal flaring and emission while meeting specification within a short period of time. SC&T C2 FE selective hydrogenation catalyst has proven multiple times to provide reliable operation at multiple feed sources and various operating conditions. These features translate to tangible benefits for ethylene producers such as higher yield from excellent ethylene selectivity and also stability performance which provide extra confidence in day-to-day operations.

Since 2017, C2 FE selective hydrogenation catalyst provided by SC&T has been selected for the majority of high-profile new ethylene grassroot plants in China. Of all the new builds in China, SC&T has managed to capture 60% of the ethylene crackers by capacity and close to 7,000 KTA of ethylene capacity.

SC&T has been awarded seven C2 FE selective hydrogenation catalyst projects which covers four of seven main chemical bases in China. Combined with other catalyst business in ethylene plants, SC&T has expanded its catalyst sales to 17 ethylene producers in the China market.

The business growth for SC&T in China for C2 FE selective hydrogenation catalyst is driven by a strong technical team and high-quality catalyst.

SC&T continues to build upon the recent achievements in project completion and successful petrochemical plant operation in the China market. SC&T provides technical services and licensed technologies which reflect many years of experience in the designing and building, and as an operator of large, complex industrial process plants.

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