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The price of RON 95 and Diesel were both decreased 

From 3pm, the price of RON 95 gasoline, Diesel, and kerosene were decreased while E5 RON 92 and Mazut oil price were remained. 

The Inter-Ministry MOIT and MOF said that from 15:00 today (August 12th), price of RON95 gasoline and diesel oil will be decreased by 50 and 190 dong per liter respectively; Kerosene will be reduced by 70 dong per liter. Meanwhile, E5 RON92 and Madut gasoline shall remain as same as 15 days ago. 

After adjustment, for each liter of RON 95 gasoline will cost maximum 14,920 VND, Diesel oil 12,200 VND; E5 RON 92 gasoline shall be 14,400 VND per liter; Kerosene 10,200 VND and Mazut 11,180 VND/kg. 

 In general, from the beginning of the year until now, each liter of RON 95 gasoline has decreased by nearly 6,000 dong, while E5 RON 92 reduced by 5,440 VND in total. 

The price of gasoline and oil in 2020

The level of appropriation for the Fund for stabilization of petroleum products is the same as 15 days ago, E5 RON 92 deducts 100 VND per liter; RON 95 is 200 dong; diesel is 500 dong, kerosene is 300 dong, and Madut will use 300 dong per kilo. 

 The stabilization fund has raised 32 dong per liter for E5 RON92 gasoline against the previous period, to 932 dong. Spending on Mazut oil also increased from 200 VND to 300 VND per kg. RON 95 and Kerosene are still maintained the old deduction rates, at 479 and 100 dong respectively. In particularly, for diesel oil, the fund spending rate was 0 VND. 

 On average, over the past 15 days, according to the operator, RON95 gasoline price was decreased 0.56% to 46.2 USD per barrel; Diesel oil was also decreased by 2.44%, to USD 48,774 per barrel. While the price of RON 92 (gasoline blended E5 RON 92) increased 0.02%, to $44,883 per barrel. 


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