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Notice of procurement plan To purchase Lower shaft and Brush spare parts for Reflux Filter 061-F-504

Date: November 27, 2018

Subject: To purchase Lower shaft and Brush spare parts for Reflux Filter 061-F-504

Ref. No.: PS/RFQ/271118/0416

Nghi Son Refinery & Petrochemical Limited Liability Company (NSRP) is preparing for the procurement of Lower shaft and Brush spare parts for Reflux Filter 061-F-504 with detail information as Attachment 1- SOW

If your company is interested in this procurement package, please fill in and send the complete questionnaire below to the following address by 17:00, December 06th ,2018

Your responses need to be in a sealed envelope, state clearly “Response for Questionnaire of Lower shaft and Brush spare parts for Reflux Filter 061-F-504” and send back to us as following address:

Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemical LLC

Administration Building, Gate No. 1 (of the Refinery), Km5, Road 513, Nghi Son Economic Zone, Hai Yen Commune, Tinh Gia District, Thanh Hoa Province, Vietnam

Attn: Mr. Ho Khai Hoan and Ms. Do Thi Huong – Procurement Department

For further information or clarifications regarding the questionnaire should be directed to the above mentioned address or via emails: and

For avoidance of doubt, this notice does not constitute any contractual offer, binding promise or guarantee of business by NSRP. Neither shall your satisfaction of all the minimum requirements mentioned above nor your response to this notice create any promise or guarantee by NSRP that you will be invited to participate in the above mentioned procurement process.

1. Do you have strong and clear intention to supply spare parts to NSRP?

  1. Yes
  2. No

2. Please provide registration certificate of your company, authorized letter for the goods distribution in Vietnam that issued by your manufacturer, and copy of manufacturer’s effective international standard certificate that required for the goods if any (Lower shaft and Brush: bellow, flange, testing and material, etc.) design/production and supply.

  1. Yes
  2. No

Notes) Please provide full name, correspondence and registered address of your company.

3. Do you have experience to supply similar spare parts (Lower shaft and Brush) for oil and gas industry before?

  1. Yes
  2. No

If yes, please provide your previous contract for evidence.

4. Does your company have Warranty Policy that mention clearly relation with Manufacturer?

  1. Yes
  2. No

If yes, please submit related docs.


  1. Does your company provide OEM spare parts for the Lower shaft and Brush ?



If yes, please submit Appointment Letter from Manufacturer indicating authorized agent for the sale of the spare parts.

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