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Diesel is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons (heavier than kerosene) with typical boiling temperature between 175 °C and 360 °C.  Diesel is  mainly used as fuel for Diesel engines. Besides gasoline, Diesel is also the main product of the NSRP plant. NSRP produces 02 grades of Diesel: Premium Diesel (< 50 PPMWT Sulphur) and Regular Diesel (< 350 PPMWT Sulphur).

Diesel is produced from Gasoil fraction obtained at crude distillation unit (CDU) and from by-product of Residue Hydro Desulphuriser Unit (RHDS Diesel). The Gasoil fraction is further treated in Gasoil Hydro Desulphuriser Unit – GOHDS (to mainly remove sulfur and metal) to produce Premium Diesel, while RHDS Diesel is sent for direct blending to produce Regular Diesel. The final diesel product is then stored in the fixed-roof tanks before exporting. Diesel is also exported through marine (Jetty) and by road (truck loading).

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