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Sulfur or Sulphur is the chemical element. It is an abundant, tasteless, odorless, multivalent non-metal, solid forming at ambient temperature with yellow crystalline solid.Sulfur is widely used to manufacture sulfuric acid. It is also used in battery,  washing-powder,  vulcanization of rubber, broad-spectrum fungicides, and phosphate fertilizer production process, element Sulfur is also used in matches, gunpowder and fireworks.

Sulfur exists in chemical compound in crude and they are by-product from deep refining processes in unit such as NHDS, KHDS, GOHDS, RHDS, RFCC. Elemental Sulfur is produced by Clause technology in Sulphur Recovery Unit (SRU). The feedstock is from sour gas gathered at Amine Recovery Unit (ARU) and Sour Water Stripping unit (SWS). The final product is pure orange-yellow element sulfur, in granular form and exported through Marine.

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