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Gasoline is a complex mixture of volatile, flammable liquid hydrocarbons (heavier fraction than LPG), having typical boiling temperature between 35° and 210 °C.  It is used chiefly as a fuel for internal-combustion engines.  Gasoline is one of the main products and the majority of the total plant products as well.On the Vietnamese market, there are currently two main types of gasoline: RON 95 and RON 92-E5. NSRP can produce commercial gasoline RON 92/95, RON 92 is used as mineral gasoline RON 92 for mixing with Ethanol to make commercial gasoline RON 92-E5.

In NSRP, commercial gasoline product is produced/blended from main products of Isomerization Unit, Indirect Alkylation Unit & RFCC Unit. Gasoline  from these Units will be stored in separated component tanks before mixing together at desired ratio to make the final product that will be stored in floating roof tanks before exporting. Gasoline could be exported either by marine through the Jetty system or by road through the truck loading system.

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