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NSRP receives the Certificate of Completion of Environmental Protection Facilities

Committing to the ultimate principle “No trade-off between environmental protection and economic growth”, NSRP always puts the environmental protection first and has invested a total of USD400 mln (Approximately VND9,000 bln) solely for the construction and installation of environmental protection facilities which apply the most advanced technologies from developed countries such as Japan, Korea, and EU to minimize the impacts on air, water and soil environment. The discharging sources are treated to satisfy the stringent environmental standards of IFC/World Bank as well as standards/regulations of Vietnam. Additionally, the design of the refinery has already integrated technologies to optimize the use of energy as well as to recover the heat from processes.
With its sustainable performance in commissioning phase which satisfies environmental standards, on August 5th, 2019 the Project has obtained the “Certificate of Completion of Environmental Protection Facilities of Nghi Son Refinery & Petrochemical Complex Project” which was granted by Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.
The emissions and effluents from production activities of NSRP will be continuously monitored using advanced online monitoring systems, as well as being sampled by a certified external monitoring and analysis center and NSRP’s laboratory to ensure that all environmental parameters will be within the allowable limits set by both IFC/World Bank’s standards and Vietnamese technical regulations.
Together with the Certification for ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental Management System, the Certificate for Completion of Environmental Protection Facilities have shown that NSRP is going in the right direction with the aim to become one of the most admired refineries in Asia, not only in terms of product quality, economic efficiency, but also in safety and environmental protection.

The Certificate of Completion of Environmental Protection Facilities

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