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NSRP organized the Level 2 Emergency Drill

On the afternoon of 29th September 2020, NSRP had organized the Level 2 Emergency Drill to test capability response of NSRP on firefighting, rescue, and medical care in case of fire. This drill can increase awareness on emergency response to NSRP employee and contractors who are working on NSRP site, provide experiences of coordination of firefighting and rescue for responders. It also helped the responders understand their responsibility, increase their response and communication skill of response organization as well as to evaluate the function and actual effectiveness of firefighting & rescue equipment, vehicles, communication system.

Meeting at ADM

This was an important emergency drill which required the mobilization of all emergency response management manpower include emergency response management board (ERMB), Office command Group (OCG) and Site Activity Group (SAG), equipment and vehicles. A total of 60 personnel from different teams including GMR, Technical division, Administration Department, HR Department, MTN division, HSSE&S division, Operation Division, Ware house Section, Production Planning Section, with different specialized types of equipment such as fire trucks, portable radios, ambulances had participated in this event.

Firefighting team

While loading gasoline to a tank truck via a  loading arm at Gasoline 95 Truck Loading Metering Station (160-A-003A) a flow meter has malfunctioning lead to gasoline spill out from truck compartment. The vapors from this spill spreads and igniting by an ignition source – a hot exhaust pipe of another tank truck. Flames quickly spreads to the Gasoline 95 Truck. Loading Metering Station (160-A-003A) and the tank truck in the loading area.

Foam system automatic active but fire still spread.

At Gasoline 95 Truck Loading Metering Station (160-A-003A)

In the situation, Firefighting uses foam through the portable foam monitors in an attempt to provide foam blanket to suppress the fire and also provide cooling the adjacent areas with the other firewater monitors.

Firefighting team

Thanks to timely and promptly direction and instruction of the Emergency Response Management Board (ERMB) as well as smooth coordination among all related team and individual, the Gasoline 95 fire incident was successfully extinguished.

Supporting the victim in problem

After the drill, there was a meeting to discuss the lesson learnt. All participants had agreed that “although there were some action that had not been done as proposed in the scenario and the communication also had some problems at beginning time, NSRP has successfully achieved the purpose of the drill which was to set an solid foundation in improvising and handling fire and explosion incidents.

Section 6 is working at CCB

The accomplishment of Level 2 Emergency Drill has once again re-affirmed strong capability of NSRP’s Firefighting Section and other relevant teams in response to fire accidents that will enormously contribute to the safe and stable operation of the Refinery in the coming time.

Report meeting after drill

During the evacuation, 4 contractor staffs were fallen at stairs, 1 person suffered from head injury, intracranial hypertension, 1 person suffered from femur fracture, thermal skin burns, 1 person suffered from laceration on face and 1 suffered from minor burn on hand.

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