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Small-scale agricultural support project phase 5 has been successfully finished

After 8 month of implementation, Small Scaled Agribusiness Support Project phase 5 (SSAS5), sponsored by NSRP, has been providing both technical and in-kind support for small agribusinesses and farmers in NSRP project-affected areas (Tinh Hai, Nguyen Binh, Mai Lam wards and Hai Yen commune) in order to help them improve the efficiency of their agricultural production and their ability to supply products to local markets. Total 461 households have received support through different forms, in which 55 households have received both in-kind and technical support; 5 agricultural model have been established and sustainably operated; improving the operation of Local agricultural groups as well as capacity building for local officers, partners and suppliers in order to improving local agricultural service and ensure the sustainability after project closure. The results are beyond designed objectives of project and have brought favorable impacts to participating households in specific and community in general.

Organization of agriculture workshop for Nam Yen village

Flower model

On the afternoon of April 21, 2022, at Nghi Son District Assembly Hall, the closing workshop has been organized to review the project’s results. The workshop witnessed the participations of Mr. Trinh Xuan Duc – NSRP Social & Community Deputy Section Manager and the project team; representatives of Nghi Son District People Committee, Nghi Son Agricultural Service Center, and benefited communes/wards as well as project partner representative: Mr. Le Ba Tuan – Head of Center for Research and Applied Science Technology of Hong Duc University. The workshop provided excellent opportunities for all involving stakeholders to review project implementation and results as well as to discuss on the areas for future improvement. Representative of local authorities and benefited households have given the project favorable and positive feedback and they are looking forward to continuing to receive further support so that more households can be benefited. Mr. Nguyen Duc Dien – No Giap 2 residential group leader, Nguyen Binh ward shared: “Project team has work closely with us to survey on agriculture models, based on local advantages, project has supported 15 households with flower planting models at good productivities, the model was very effective because the harvesting time on Tet when the flowers price was quite high”.

Organization of study tour for local authority in Thanh Hoa city

Granted piglets to selected households

Overview of closing workshop

With the aim of contributing to sustainability development of surrounding community, despite of all challenges, NSRP has continued to make significant efforts to support local communities to the best of our ability. NSRP will coordinate with local authorities on a frequent basis to discuss and consider the plans, strategy and activities that will benefit local people in coming time.

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