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Notice of procurement plan for consultancy service for process safety management



  Date: 6th March 2019


Ref. PR No.: 038/2019/NSRP-PS

Nghi Son Refinery & Petrochemical Limited Liability Company (NSRP) is planning for procurement of a package for “Consultancy service for process safety management in order to select a suitable contractor for provision of the Services for NSRP.

NSRP plans to start the above mentioned procurement process very soon. If your company is interested in this procurement package, please respond to all questions in the questionnaire attached in Attachment 01 and send to the following address by 5.00 PM (Hanoi time) 14th March 2019

Attention           : Mr. Ho Khai Hoan – Procurement Section

Email address   : ;

Cc                    :

Please put “Consultancy service for process safety management in the subject of your cover email.

Should you have any question, please contact us at and copying for further information.

For the avoidance of doubt, this notice does not constitute any contractual offer, binding promise or guarantee of business by NSRP. Neither shall your satisfaction of all the minimum requirements mentioned above nor your response to this notice creates any promise or guarantee by NSRP that you will be invited to participate in the above mentioned purchasing process.

  1. Please provide the following information of your company.



Tax Code:

Contact person:

Contact details:

  1. Brief description of your company’s qualifications and experience in supplying services
  2. Questionnaire:

Please answer the questions below:

Survey questionnaire

QUESTION 1: Does your company have a strong intention in supplying Consultancy services for Process Safety Management as a Contractor?

  1. Yes ☐
  2. No  ☐

QUESTION 2: Does your company have the eligible business license to provide the Consultancy Services for Process Safety Management in industrial facilities?

  1. Yes ☐
  2. No  ☐

If Yes, please provide the evidence with its highlight.

QUESTION 3: Has your company ever provided either Consultancy services for Process Safety Management in industrial facilities?

  1. Yes ☐
  2. No  ☐

If Yes, please provide list including name of Client, length of service and brief Scope of Service (at least 2 similar Contracts or 2 similar Services) 



1.1 Introduction of NSRP

Nghi Son Refinery – Petrochemical Complex Project (herein after referred to as the Project) owned by the Nghi Son Refinery – Petrochemical LLC (herein after referred to as NSRP) is one of the on-top economic projects in Vietnam.

NSRP is a joint venture company by four (04) Sponsors: Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PVN), of Vietnam – 25.1%, Kuwait Petroleum Europe B.V (KPE), of Kuwait – 35.1%, Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd. (IKC) – 35.1% and Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (MCI), of Japan – 4.7%.

When in operation, the Project has a design capacity of 200,000 barrels/day (equivalent to 9.66 million tons/year). Type of fuel that accounts for biggest portion of products is premium diesel (2,204 kt/year), following by regular diesel (1,470 kt/year), RON 92, RON 95 (1,153 kt/year), LPG, jet fuel and numerous petrochemical products.

The EPC Commencement of the Project was implemented from July 2013 by the EPC Contractor which consists of four (04) companies: JGC (Japan), Chiyoda (Japan), GS Design and Construction Company (Korea), SK Design and Construction Company (Korea) in which JGC assumes the role of coordinator. The Mechanical Completion achieved at 30 April 2017, Ready for Start-up achieved at 28 February 2018, and Contractual Initial Acceptance forecast tentatively in 4Q 2018.

1.2 Project location

NSRP is located in the Nghi Son Economic Zone, Tinh Gia District, Thanh Hoa Province. It is 200 km south of Hanoi and about 80km north of Vinh City (Nghe An Province). Total onshore area is about 394 ha and offshore area is about 259 ha including:

– Onshore facilities:

+ Main Refinery Plant (Area B, 328 ha)

+ Onshore Pipeline Systems (Area E, 30 ha)

+ Marine harbor (Area J, 36 ha)

– Offshore facilities:

+ Exported berths, access channel, breakwater and intake channel (193 ha)

+ Crude oil pipelines (35 ha)

+ SPM (31 ha)

+ Sea water outfall pipeline

1.3 Feedstock and products

1.3.1. Feedstock

The feedstock of Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemical Complex is 100% Kuwait imported Crude   Oil. The oil quality is good for refining. The Complex also can operate with the feedstock 85 % Kuwait Export Crude/15 % Murban.

1.3.2. Project Products

Products of NSRP are as follows:

– Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG);

– Gasoline – RON 92 & 95;

– Kerosene and Jet Fuel;

– Diesel – premium and regular;

– Fuel oil;

– Benzene;

– Paraxylene;

– Polypropylene;

– Sulphur.

1.4 Need for PSM, Goals and Strategy

Process Safety Management (PSM) is the framework of controls for managing process safety and driving continual improvement.

PSM implementation is required to manage the risks of major hazards, prevent incidents and provide a high level of protection for people and the environment.

NSRP current PSM goals:

NSRP current PSM strategy:

The strategy will be further developed during PSM establishment state

  2. GAP assessment

Experienced engineers/specialist of contractor to visit NSRP site and work with NSRP personnel to conduct PSM Gap assessment at NSRP facility. During the site visit, these experts shall:

  1. Conduct dip stick study of PSM related procedures and practice in Operation, Maintenance, Technical and HSSE divisions
  2. Review existing management systems to determine what policies, procedures and information sources are available to help satisfy the OSHA PSM regulation and or the EPA/ RMP rule
  3. Develop specific recommendations for improving the facility’s PSM programs, including review the current PSM strategy, goal, manual, organization.

Above activities and consulting will address PSM/RMP coverage issues and all of the elements required by the PSM. During the visit, PSM/RMP specialists will work with NSRP personnel to outline the steps that NSRP should take to improve PSM/RMP activities at the facility.

Consulting will help NSRP to select an efficient and effective PSM improvement and maintenance strategy based on NSRP resources.

Consulting engineers will document the assessment and implementation plan in the report that will:

– Summarize the OSHA PSM requirements

– Identify specific policy/procedure improvements needed

– Present their recommendation for the most effective way to provide the required improvements.

The decision on how to proceed with PSM development and improvement activities is retained by NSRP, based on available resources.

  1. Leadership coaching

Experienced experts of contractor to conduct coaching sessions at NSRP site to deliver leadership coaching to NSRP persons. Estimated number of personnel to be trained:  60

The training content will be proposed by Contractor and reviewed by NSRP.

  1. PSM Model , PSM implementation short term, mid-term , long term plan

Experienced expert/s of contractor to spend one week working at NSRP site to:

  1. Support NSRP to develop PSM model and structure (PSM’s element)
  2. Support NSRP to develop short term, mid term and long term action plan of PSM implementation
  3. Conduct on-going handling visit to review each element
  1. Element committee coaching

Experienced expert/s of contractor to spend time at NSRP site to:

  1. Deliver training class corresponding with PSM elements of NSRP PSM model. Each class may last for two days.
  2. Develop action plan of selected PSM program

Consulting shall proceed to develop PSM programs for NSRP. The product of this effort will be draft programs for the selected PSM elements that also define roles and responsibilities for executing each program. In developing these programs, consultant shall take full advantage of any existing programs to develop cost-effective implementation for NSRP.

These program shall go through a review and approval process by NSRP

  1. Plant level committee coaching

Experienced expert/s of contractor to spend time at NSRP site to deliver 7 coaching sections for NSRP plant level committee members. Each session shall last for two days.

  1. Execute specific PSM activities

Experienced expert/s to work with NSRP to visit periodically (once every three months) to review the effectiveness of current Process Safety Management work, including the effectiveness of resource allocation. The ongoing support shall consider minimum four such visits



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