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Notice of procurement plan for provision of servicenow ITSM licenses and implementation



     Date: 22nd, May, 2019


Ref. No.: 089/2019/NSRP-PS

Nghi Son Refinery & Petrochemical Limited Liability Company (NSRP) is planning for procurement of a package for “PROVISION OF SERVICENOW ITSM LICENSES AND IMPLEMENTATION” in order to select a suitable contractor for provision of the ServiceNow ITSM licenses and implementation. The tentative date of commencement of the provision of this goods & services will be around within July, 2019.

NSRP plans to start the above-mentioned procurement process very soon. If your company is interested in this procurement package, please respond to all questions in the questionnaire attached in Part 1. Survey questionnaire and send to the following address by 5.00 PM (Hanoi time) 12 July 2019.

Attention           : Ms. Nguyen Thi Hai Yen – Procurement Section

Email address   :;

Cc                    :

Please fill in and complete questionnaire, state clearly “Provision of ServiceNow ITSM licenses and implementation and send back to us to and copying

For the avoidance of doubt, this notice does not constitute any contractual offer, binding promise or guarantee of business by NSRP. Neither shall your satisfaction of all the minimum requirements mentioned above nor your response to this notice creates any promise or guarantee by NSRP that you will be invited to participate in the above mentioned procurement process.

  1. Please provide the following information of your company.



Tax Code:

Contact person:

Contact details:

  1. Brief description of your company’s qualifications and experience in providing services
  2. Questionnaire:

Please answer the questions below:

Part 1. Survey questionnaire

QUESTION 1: Do you have a clear intention in provision of ServiceNow ITSM licenses and implementation?

  1. Yes
  2. No


QUESTION 2: Can you provide business registration certificate of your company?

  1. Yes
  2. No

If yes, please provide your company business registration certificate

QUESTION 3: Is your company licensor or authorized from licensor for supplying ServiceNow ITSM licenses and implementation of the Solution?

  1. Yes
  2. No

If yes, please provide the ServiceNow partnership acknowledgement.

QUESTION 4: Does your company have more than 3 years’ experience in implementation of ServiceNow ITSM?

  1. Yes
  2. No

If yes, please provide at least 2 full copy of similar executed contracts/ purchase orders.


NSRP IT is seeking an ITIL compliant IT Service Management solution. Our desire is to procure a full-suite solution to meet NSRP’s needs for IT Service Management. This product should assist in advancing towards greater organizational maturity in IT Service Management for NSRP through a thoughtful implementation of ITIL best practices.

We are seeking a provider to provide the software license and implementation service for an IT Service Management tool from ServiceNow™ ITSM platform in order to manage the support and delivery of IT services for NSRP.

The following ITIL based high level processes have been implemented in the ServiceNow™ ITSM platform:

We provides the NSRP ITSM and ServiceNow™ services designed to:

The Contractor will have responsibility to provide overall project management for the following five (5) task areas, specifically:

  1. Provision of software license for ServiceNow™ ITSM platform
  2. Ongoing Development and Evolution of NSRP’s Enterprise ITSM Platform.
  3. Support and Maintenance of NSRP’s Enterprise ITSM Platform.
  4. Knowledge Transfer and Educational Services.
  5. Mandatory Project Management and Execution Requirements

The ServiceNow licenses to be bought as following:

Module Unit Month Quantity
ITSM standard Fulfiller license 36 50
Approval license 36 10
Dedicated instance 36 1
SAM Laptop/Desktop 36 1600



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