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Free eye checking for the elderly

With the aim of improving the healthcare for the elderly and members of Intergeneration self-help clubs (ISHCs) in four project affected communes, NSRP cooperated with the Thanh Hoa Association of the Elderly and Thanh Hoa provincial Eyes Hospital to provide free eyes checking for above targeted beneficiaries under the Livelihood support for disadvantaged groups project (Phase 2). Thanh Hoa provincial Eyes hospital bears majority of expenses for the event through its sponsored programs and mobilized resources. The event were respectively organized on 18th, 19th, 20th and 23rd April in Tinh Hai, Hai Yen, Mai Lam and Nguyen Binh communes.

In this event, the beneficiaries went through eyes checking process consisting of basic eyes function, the sharpness of eyes sight, inside eyes organism, ocular tension measure, viral and ophthalmoscopic check. All participants of the check-up also received free eyes tonics, eyes drops and counseling by the doctors for their eyes hygiene and protection at home. After the screening, people diagnosed with serious eyes diseases such as cataract, pterygium, trichiasis were supported with vehicles and related costs to undergo eyes surgery in Thanh Hoa provincial Eyes Hospital. Totally 1,288 people got eyes checked, of which 60 people were recommended for operation and taken to hospital for surgery through hospital’s buses. Operated patients who have health insurance certificate benefited all favor of health insurance policy, and those having no health insurance are supported with 30% surgery cost.

The event received good feedbacks from local people for professional skills, good attitude of doctors toward patients and full medical equipment that Thanh Hoa provincial Eyes Hospital brought to the events. Despite having high number of participants in a short execution period, the events were carried out smoothly in a good order.

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