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International Children day celebration and First Aid training in Hope center

The Hope project is managed by NSRP in cooperation with the World Together organization to support children at extreme conditions to access better education and development opportunities as well as contribute to relieve the financial burden of the vulnerable households. Besides daily living and learning activities, the project provides exchange and celebration events for the children in the center to improve their spiritual and physical health in an inclusive and integrating environment.

On 30th and 31st May 2020, the Hope project organized the International Children day celebration and First Aid training for 30 children living and being taken care in Hope center. While the International Children Day celebration with many interactive games and collective performance of dances and songs created a warm and fun memory for all the children involved in, they are gifted with presents and best wishes and hopes for the new year, the training help to provide basic knowledge for both children and Hope center staff on first Aid which is very helpful for them in daily activities.

Children playing games

All children and Hope center staff are happy with the event and training. They do hope to continue receive good concerns from NSRP for similar meaningful activities.


Party and gift giving

First aid training for children at HOPE center


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