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NSRP organized the kick-off workshop of “Community Health Development Project 2022”

On the morning of March 15th, 2022, the kick-off workshop for the “Community Health Development Project Y2022” sponsored by NSRP was successfully organized at the Central Hall of Nghi Son District Health Center (NSDHC). The workshop witnessed the participation of NSRP’s representatives, Mr. Trinh Xuan Duc – Deputy Section Manager, Social & Community Section, and the project team. The workshop was also attended by Mr. Nguyen Ba Phuong, Deputy Head of People’s Health Care Committee of Nghi Son District; Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh – Deputy Head of Labor and Enterprise Management Department of NSEZIPMB; Mr. Nguyen Van Thiep – Director of NSDHC; representatives of Mai Lam, Hai Yen and Tinh Hai communes/wards; and representatives of beneficial schools and clinics.

Overview at the workshop

Mr. Nguyen Van Thiep – NSDHC’s Director stated at the opening of the workshop: “In 2021, despite the difficulties of Covid-19 condition, Community Health Development Project (CHD) Y2021, sponsored by NSRP, has been implemented with significant achievements. NSRP made a great contribution in taking care of the local community’s health, especially those who live nearby fence-line of the refinery. We appreciate NSRP’s commitment to continue sponsoring this project through Y2022 and assisting NSDHC in caring for the health of the local community”.


Mr. Nguyen Van Thiep – Nghi Son CDC’s Director gave a speech at the workshop

Given the purpose of continuing to improve health of the community, the CHD 2022 project also aims to showcase NSRP’s effort in managing social risk, complying IFC’s Performance Standards 4, and enhancing social acceptance.

Mr. Le Ngoc Huy – Social & Community Leader shared at the workshop, “Despite that fact that Y2022 will be a financially challenging year for NSRP, NSRP is committed to continuously supporting the local community in health development project aimed at increasing people’s knowledge and practice of disease prevention as well as enhance the quality of health services served in the community. We do hope that CHD 2022 project will be implemented properly and effectively”.

Representative of NSRP, Mr. Le Ngoc Huy – Social & Community Leader was speaking at the workshop

The CHD 2022 project is designed with the aim to (i) early detect and counsel on several common diseases for local communities and students, (ii) raise awareness on diseases prevention and control, and health increasing for local people and students, and (iv) build a reliable community health profile to better understand health and health-related issues in affected communities. Following the presentation of project’s activities, the members of related parties together discussed the plan to implement the project and bring most benefit to beneficiaries.


Through this event, the delegates once again appraised the tremendously active and leading role of NSRP in implementing social responsibility towards the community. Especially, the NSDHC committed to properly implementing the project scope at a high quality within the time frame and budget as agreed with NSRP.

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