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NSRP presented Tet gifts to poor households

With an aim to bring the poor and disadvantaged people (people with disabilities, the elderly, the orphans, families of war invalids, martyrs, people suffering from critical health conditions) a warm and meaningful Tet, NSRP cooperated with local authorities of 4 project-affected communes of Nguyen Binh, Hai Yen, Tinh Hai and Mai Lam (Tinh Gia District, Thanh Hoa Province) to deliver 400 Tet gift sets (each costs over 1 million VND) to 400 poor households, households with the above-mentioned criteria in 23 villages adjacent to the fence-line of the refinery and the villages which had land acquired for the construction of the project.

Households receiving the gift sets expressed their affection and appreciation for the considerate and meaningful action of NSRP. Ms. Nguyen Thi Ninh (Bac Yen Village, Hai Yen Commune) shared “I am very grateful for the gift and affection of NSRP. The gift is very practical, helping me somewhat overcome difficulties in the upcoming Lunar New Year. Wishing all the management and staff of NSRP with the good health and wishing NSRP a lot of success.”

Thanh Hoa Broadcasting Station filmed the gift delivery activities and broadcasted the news on the evening news program of 8/2/2018, details can be accessed at:

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