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Road repair support in Ban Cat village, Mai Lam commune

At the end of March 2018, Social and Community Section (S&C Section) of NSRP acknowledged a number of complaints from villagers and village Head of Ban Cat, Mai Lam commune about serious damages of the two main roads accessing to the village. This significantly affected daily commuting activity of local communities, particularly those who live in Ban Cat village.

Right after receiving these complaints, S&C Section quickly worked with relevant parties to identify the cause. The investigation revealed that the damages were caused by high volume of heavy trucks which is not belongs to NSRP project.

This was not under NSRP responsibility, however, with the mission of supporting communities who live near NSRP refinery’s fence, S&C Section cooperated with Technical and Infrastructure Department of Nghi Son Economic Zone and other Industrial Zones Management Board (NSEZIZMB) to convince a NSEZIZMB’s subcontractor who was constructing the road going across Coc mountain to help repairing the road. After the repair of the two roads, Ban Cat villagers now enjoy commuting on the roads and they highly appreciate the support from NSEZIZMB and NSRP.

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