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The community sport event 2021 has brightened a gloomy year

Since its inception in 2018, the Community Sport Event sponsored by NSRP has become an annual gathering for the social community. This kind of event not only promotes NSRP’s care for affected communities’ health, culture, and social issues, but also supports in the enhancement of social cohesion and bilateral relationships between NSRP and our neighboring communities.

In this year, as agreed by local authority, in order to adapt to complex situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Community Sport Event 2021 was held separately in 04 communes/wards instead of gathering at one spot as previous years. Main theme of this year’s Community Sport Event was “Doing exercise against Covid-19” to emphasize how important our health is in Covid-19 prevention campaign. Follow with that, each team consisted of only 20 members selected from Inter-generation Self Help Clubs and strictly comply with Covid-19 prevention regulations. The performance comprised two parts: their exercise performance and the way they present the key message. A board of judges include representatives of Nghi Son District Association of the Elderly; Nghi Son District Center of Culture, Information, Sport and Tourism and NSRP were formed to ensure the fairness for the competition.

On December 28th and 29th 2021, all teams have proved their creativeness, enthusiasm via their diversified performances. The judges have worked very hard to find out the winner of the competition. The final result was revealed at the closing ceremony held on the afternoon of December 29th right after the performance of the last team. As the outcome, Mai Lam team achieved first prize as the winner, following by Hai Yen team with second prize while Tinh Hai and Nguyen Binh hold third prize.

At the ceremony, Mr. Truong Ba Han – Vice Chairman of Nghi Son Association of the Elderly said: “This activity is extremely meaningful for local people, especially for the elderly, to both keep a healthy condition of mental and physical, and encourage next generations to practise good habit of regular doing exerciseAs the part of this activity, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the greatest effort of NSRP for organizing this event even in the complicated context due to Covid-19. I wish that NSRP will develop stronger, larger and continue to sponsor for such kind of activity in a long term.”

Prize granting for representatives of 04 teams at closing ceremony on December 29, 2021

The performance of Mai Lam District

Performance of Hai Yen Commune

Tinh Hai Ward Team

Nguyen Binh Ward Team


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