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Tow households received nearly vnd200 million for job transition support after almost 10 years of waiting

Except some special cases, compensation for affected households (APs) in Areas BEJK for NSRP Project which was implemented from 2008 to now has basically been completed via coordination with duly authorised bodies. Typically, there were two cases that have recently been resolved thoroughly namely household (HH) of Mr. Le The Ngoc and Mr. Tran Van Tri in Hai Yen commune.

They are both special difficult families. Especially, Mr. Ngoc family was one of the first nine HHs whose land was acquired for NSRP Project and has a child with birth defects. Mr. Ngoc and Mr. Tri families have already received compensation for the acquired land areas in 2008. However, till 2013 they had not received “job transition support” for their acquired agricultural land areas following the resettlement policy. To claim for the compensation, in 2013 these two HHs submitted grievances to Grievance Team of NSRP Social & Community Section with the hope to receive the support for their cases. After grievance submission, two HHs were supported in collecting relevant documents and working with related parties to accelerate the resolution process.

With the proactive support of NSRP, on April 5, 2017, Tinh Gia District People’s Committee (TGDPC) issued Decision No. 1388/QD-UBND which approved the job transition support for Mr. Ngoc’s family with an amount of VND 170,258,820 and VND 29,031,330 for Mr. Tri’ family. However, due to difficulties in allocating fund of Petro Vietnam, the compensation was not implemented.

On January 17, 2018, during a field visit of NSRP Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. Turki Al-Ajmi, long outstanding grievances have been raised by Social & Community Section for his review and consideration. With the consensus on solution of NSRP Management, Social and Community Section has actively worked with related parties to process the issue.

On March 13, 2018, NSRP signed the Amendment 7 under RCA (Resettlement Corrective Action) with NSEZMB (Nghi Son Economic Zone Management Board), which agreed that NSEZMB would carry out the payment for HHs of Areas BEJK who were issued the compensation approval decisions by relevant government levels before March 2, 2018 but have yet received the money. Budget for payment was taken from NSRP’s advance for Area C.

As a result, on March 26, 2018, the Inventory – Compensation – Site Clearance Committee (ICSC) of Tinh Gia district conducted the payment following the approved decisions for the two HHs of Mr. Tran Van Tri and Mr. Le The Ngoc. After a long time of pursuing the case, the two HHs are very happy to receive the payment and sincerely express their deep gratitude to the officers of the Social and Community Section with special regard to NSRP Management.

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